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  • x ray radiation attenuating surgical lead gloves

    x ray radiation attenuating surgical lead gloves

    Powder-Free Radiation Attenuation Gloves:AliMed Powder

    AliMed® Powder-Free Radiation Attenuation Gloves provide high attenuation and superior tactile sensitivity without the addition of harmful skin irritants such as powder and natural rubber latex, helping to reduce the risk of allergic reactions for complete hand protection. Lubricated coating for easier donning.

    Lead Gloves Radiation Protection Gloves X-ray Gloves

    Our sterile radiation protection gloves are specially designed to permit the maintenance of dexterity during surgical procedures. These radiation gloves are offered sterile, by the pair in a full range of sizes, including half-sizes. We urge you not to discount the importance of the use of lead gloves for protection from harmful repeat exposure.

    Sterile Radiation Attenuating Gloves Radiation Gloves

    Sterile radiation resistant gloves are used during surgical procedures to protect the surgeon's hand from radiation. Sterile Lead Gloves. 4 Items . Show. Radiaxon® PI Lead & Latex Free Radiation Attenuating Gloves . MSRP $46.00 MSRP $46.00. Starting at $35.00.

    Protect Skin with Lead Gloves - X-Ray Supplies – X-Ray

    Lead gloves protect your skin from x-ray radiation. If you want to keep your body safe then buy lead gloves protector today from Z&Z Medical.

    Radiation Attenuating Surgical Gloves - Medical X-Ray

    Bar-Ray’s 12″ long Radiation Attenuating Gloves surround your hands in superior protection from direct and scattered secondary radiation emitted during fluoroscopic procedures. They designed these leaded gloves with the greatest dexterity, sensitivity, and comfort for the user.

    Attenuating Gloves - Radiation Protection Gloves:Merry X-Ray

    F & L Attenuating Gloves are designed to reduce scattered beam radiation exposure in any fluoroscopic procedure. Composition:F&L protective gloves avoid the proteinaceous sensitivities associated with natural latex and EPA heavy-metal toxicity disposal concerns by utilizing a synthetic rubber formulation that is:non latex and lead free

    Radion-X Latex Radiation Protection Gloves Medline

    Radion-X latex gloves provide ultimate protection against scattered secondary radiation ; They are manufactured with Bismuth Oxide to offer protection levels equivalent to lead ; Since they do not contain lead, these gloves can be disposed of with other surgical items

    ProGuard Radiation Safety Gloves Radiation Reducing X

    Protech offers the widest range of x-ray protective lead gloves is the largest manufacturer and seller of sterile radiation protection gloves in the world. Over 20 years ago, we educated healthcare professionals on the importance of wearing x-ray protective gloves during fluoroscopic procedures.

    BLOXR Solutions – Scatter Radiation Protection

    BLOXR Solutions is a USA manufacturer of proprietary scatter radiation protection products. BLOXR® products are designed to reduce exposure for clinicians and patients through innovative applications of its patented technologies. Applicable to users in hospitals, surgical centers, cardiac cath labs, interventional radiology, orthopedics

    Scatter Reducing Surgical Gloves - Pulse Medical Inc.

    These light-touch leaded surgical gloves provide robust protection while allowing the greatest possible flexibility, dexterity and sensitivity of touch. Radiation attenuating gloves attenuate direct or scatter rays, and are designed thin for enhanced freedom of movement. Comfort Features:Only 0.009" (R-1) thick for decreased finger fatigue Rolled and beaded cuff for easy on, easy off

    XGUARD® Gloves - Protective Gloves - Wolverson X-Ray

    We are pleased to offer XGUARD® Gloves – Radiation attenuating examination & surgical gloves powder free. Emerson’s Radiation Attenuation Examination & Surgical Gloves are used to shield hands from the harmful effects of scattered radiation exposure during fluoroscopic procedures.

    Attenuator-X Radiation Attenuation Gloves

    Attenuator-X Radiation Attenuation Gloves - $40.00 - kempermedical has a wide variety of sterile radiation attenuating surgical gloves.

    Radiation Attenuating Gloves Penn-Jersey X-Ray

    Proudly Serving the X-Ray Community for More than 25 Years. Penn-Jersey X-Ray is a family-owned, global distributor of x-ray supplies established in 1990. We provide x-ray accessories, radiology supplies, and medical products to hospitals, radiology practices, dental practices, x-ray

    GAMMEX® PI Radiation Attenuation

    1. CAUTION:Radiation Attenuation gloves are designed to protect hands from scattered radiation exposure originating from the X-ray beam during fluoroscopic procedures. They are not intended for use in direct or primary X-ray beams. 2. Wagner LK and Mulhern OR. Radiation-attenuating surgical gloves:effects of scatter and secondary electron

    Disposable Lead free Radiation Protection Gloves - Kiran X-Ray

    One of the prominent organs of our body occasionally exposed to the direct X-ray beam is the hands. Kiran’s effort to protect every part of the body from radiation, its latest innovation is the unmatched range of disposable lead-free radiation protection gloves that provide the highest possible protection.

    FreeGuard 1 & 2 Attenuation Gloves

    FreeGuard® 1 & 2 Attenuation Gloves The only radiation attenuation gloves to meet the ASTM standard for surgical gloves, eliminating the need to wear an additional pair of surgical gloves. Soft-Touch interior minimizes risk of skin allergens commonly caused by natural rubber latex. Lead-free, no special disposal required.

    Protect your hands! Radiation Attenuating Surgical

    Powder-free gloves provide increased protection from direct x-ray beam and scattered radiation Radiation Attenuating Surgical Gloves Protect your hands! Reduced Exposure Lead-free, surgical gloves attenuate direct or scattered rays and are an environmentally friendly alternative to leaded gloves. Freedom of Movement Gloves are very thin—ONLY